Medical Tourism

You are in safe hands

If you need to travel to Switzerland for a medical reason or to receive specific treatment, Link can accommodate you and ensure your journey and stay in the country is as comfortable as it can be.

We understand that dealing with a medical complaint and having to organize a trip in these circumstances can be extremely stressful. This is where we come in. We take all of that unnecessary stress out of your hands.

At Link, we have direct access and contact with a number of private clinics across Switzerland. We also have a wide network of experts in all areas of medical expertise. Whether you are visiting a Swiss spa for recovery, travelling to Switzerland for healthcare or need to book treatment or surgery, we can assist you in planning your stay and ensure you will travel with ease and simplicity.

We can also find a doctor or an interpreter who speaks your language to help you in your daily contact.

From the start of your trip from your home country to Switzerland, to your stay while you are in our alpine country, you can be sure that you are in safe hands when you choose Link for your medical trip.

Our Partners

AESTHETICS is a clinic specializing in laser therapy, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery which was founded in 2009 by Dr Xavier Tenorio, FMH in plastic surgery. Since its conception, the center has always taken care to bring the best technology to treat its customers safely. AESTHETICS today offers various services, including laser therapy for permanent hair removal, deep and superficial vascular treatments, pigment spots, sun damage and facial rejuvenation. It also offers aesthetic medicine in all its aspects, in particular with injectable products derived from botulinum toxin and fillers for facial rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment, volume restoration of the lips and cheeks. The clinic also offers rejuvenation treatments and skin tightening by radiofrequency multipolar (Freeze) or LED lamps.

Aesthetics Clinic Rhône
Rue du Rhône 50 Genève
Tel: 0227322223

Aesthetics Champel
Chemin Rieu 18, 1208 Genève
Tel: 022 732 22 23

Aesthetics Gstaad
Ultima Hotel, Gsteigstrasser 70, Gstaad.
Tel: 033 748 34 37